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Jumpline Coffee is a small gourmet coffee company run by two passionate firefighters who love and NEED coffee. Our goal is to provide reliable, consistent, and delicious coffee at a fair price. As firefighters we will always be committed to our community and to our brother and sister first responders. We have an undeniable need to give back to the family that brought us to where we are today. A portion of our proceeds are donated directly to the research and treatment of police officers, firefighters, military members, and nurses suffering from PTSD.
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First Responder Support

As firefighters we understand the importance of having each others backs on scene of a call to make sure that everyone gets to go home to their families at the end of every shift.  However, what can often go unnoticed or over looked is how our fellow first responders are doing with their psychological health and wellness. It is easy to underestimate someones mental health until it is too late. That is why JumplineCoffee will continue to help raise awareness and donate a portion of proceeds to help combat some of the mental health issues that not just firefighters suffer from but also our fellow Police Officers, EMTs/Paramedics, Military Personal, Nurses, and other first responders.